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Gift Card

Gift Cards is a favorite haunt for shopping addicts and families, mainly thanks to the quality that Eric products have come to be associated with. Picking up clothes and accessories from Westside can be fun, especially so if you have Gift Cards!

Gift Cards can make your Gifting and shopping experience an easier one as you won’t have to carry cash with you to gift to your loved ones or to buy all that you want. These Gift Cards can be used across all over India. If you’re going through a shopaholic phase, all you need to do is charge up and pick a Gift Card and drop in to pick up some good attire!.

Prepaid Bank Cards

A prepaid card is just like a credit or a debit card in the way it looks. It has a card number, a company that issues it and even the signature strip. But the similarities almost end here and the differences begin; the first of the differences being that it comes pre-loaded with money. A prepaid card cannot be used as a credit card as it has to be preloaded with money and only the amount loaded can be spent. It is different from a debit card as it is not linked to any bank account and overdraft facilities are hence not available with these cards.

Promotional Gifts

At Gift Selection, we understand the importance of portraying a distinctive corporate identity, particularly when attending conferences, exhibitions and trade shows. Surrounded by competitors and potential customers, it’s essential that your business stands out for all the right reasons. Our conference folders and bags are the perfect solution; when branded with your company name and logo, they’ll ensure that your brand receives the attention it needs to be successful. They come in a wide variety of materials, including durable polyester and luxurious leather. We also stock a fantastic range of travel and leisure items, which are ideal for those who want to promote their business when they’re on the move; with items such as umbrellas and power banks, enhancing your business visibility on the go has never been easier.


While some brands are just getting their feet wet when it comes to content marketing, others have been using content for ages, and have shown that they are masters of it. Take a look at some of the top content marketing brands and see what ideas you can borrow a page from their playbook.

Occasion Gifts

Gifts are the best part of every small and big occasion. This is the best way to keep memory of any occasion. In Corporate World Gifts are the token of appreciation and the best way to maintain a good relationship with employees and clients. Most of the corporate organization presents its employees with various gifts and incentives as appreciation. Corporate Gifts are also given to clients to build good relation during various festivals.

Corporate Gifts are basically designed in a customised way either printing the name of the employee or client or the logo of the company. The best part of gifting is that it helps in building good relations with motivate the employees at the same time maintains the reputation of the company through company logo.


Insurance: Insurance sector has shown tremendous growth in the recent years. In the future as well, it is expected to progress at a high scale. Earlier, only two Insurance companies were there in India – Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC). Now, this sector has 24 Life Insurance and 24 General Insurance companies which offer various innovative products keeping in mind the different needs of people. Most of these companies have entered the market in collaboration with International firms.

These companies have come up with a bundle of policies which have their own pros and cons. Every investor has his/her own needs, risk appetite, future goals and budget. As per these factors, a plan useless for one can be the best for another.

Tally ERP 9: Do you want to automated Accounts? OR Do you want to update your accounts or Any other accounting service? Let me perform these tasks for you. I can give you an excellent quality work in your time frame. Like Accounting, Finance, Tally ERP.9, Payroll and Before time work submission. I am interested in for both long term based or short term work. My motto is CLIENT SATISFACTION. One of the best benefits is my very reasonable rates which can help you do your project inexpensively and well. I look forward to hearing from you, and I only seek to impress you with my promptness and ability to help your business. I believe in providing 100% client satisfaction.

Web Developer: Bangalore based Website Designer and Developer with more than seven years experience in Web development, offering all kinds of Web Solutions at a reasonable price. Years of Experience in professional web development has helped us to work for all clients ranging from startups to established companies.